Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker

Feed Baltimore



Environmental design work, MICA 2016

Feed Baltimore is a proposed exhibition examining the politics and history of food deserts in Baltimore City. The exhibition introduces viewers to the topic and takes them through an experiential exhibit designed to mimic the feeling of aisles of a grocery store.

Each set of aisles details the food issues of a particular neighborhood, from the extremely limited available food resources to how the neighborhood has been effected over time. It's a bleak picture.

The final vista of the exhibit tells a different story. The back wall of each set of aisles shows a positive intervention happening in that neighborhood that combats food deserts. There are community farms, farmers markets, even virtual grocery stores popping up all over the city, and that final view can leave the exhibition goer with some hope for the future and an idea of how to get involved to combat food deserts.